Bio Active Body Exfoliant


Sans Ceuticals is a New Zealand based hair and skincare company creating multifunctional solutions formulated to simplify daily skincare rituals while minimizing clutter and waste. Ingredients are botanically based (sans=without synthetics) and formulated to stimulate cell regeneration, relieve sensitive skin conditions, and optimize your skin's hydration level. 
Bio Active Body Exfoliant is formulated using facial-grade bamboo grounds to gently, yet effectively smooth your skin. Dead skin cell buildup can create an impenetrable layer, making the use of your other lovely skincare products ineffective. This is why exfoliation is critical in order to access and feed skin cells.
Blended with a combination of stimulating and nourishing ingredients, this new generation formulation will leave your skin feeling plump, velvety smooth, supported, not stripped.

5.07 fl.oz / 150ml
key ingredients:  ginseng, bamboo exfoliating powder, shea butter
recommended use: massage into dry skin for a few moments, emulsify with water, then rinse. use weekly or as needed. 


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