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Sans Ceuticals is a New Zealand based hair and skincare company creating multifunctional solutions formulated to simplify daily skincare rituals while minimizing clutter and waste. Ingredients are botanically based (sans=without synthetics) and formulated to stimulate cell regeneration, relieve sensitive skin conditions, and optimize your skin's hydration level. While we offer more items in our shop, we're featuring two formulations here on our site.

Baobab Body + Hand Repair Cream: A rich and sliky creme designed to plump, heal, and repair. Highly absorbent without residual greasiness. Contains 38% vitamin F aiding in skin regeneration and elasticity. 8.45 fl.oz. / 250 ml

Goji Body + Face Cleansing Oil: A highly effective yet nourishing cleanser drawn on ancient Japanese origins. When massaged onto damp skin, the oil turns milky, leaving skin fresh and silky smooth. This unique formulation helps to maintain the balance of your skin's pH while goji oil helps detox the skin and unclog pores. Useful on sensitive and dry skin, this cleansing oil works to keep your skin’s moisture barrier intact. 8.45 fl.oz. / 250 ml

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