Sherry Olsen

Sherry Olsen was born in Los Angeles and grew up during the Jimmy Carter ’70s. Her father was a carpenter. Both her mother and grandfather were latent artists who encouraged and championed her art. Rather than going to art school, she traveled in her late teens and throughout her twenties, learning on the road. She picked up printmaking in Hamburg, glass work in Paris, and metalwork in County Kilkenny, Ireland. She eventually settled in Northern California, where she now lives and works.

Her work has been described as that of “a child who knows what they are doing.” She loves Art Brut, folk art, and the art of children. She works across a variety of mediums and thrives on the cross-pollination between them. Her work is widely collected by art lovers around the world.

The work shown here is part of a temporary exhibit at Pod from May 15-31. 
Works on paper are not framed. All art sales are final.