Fluted Plates: Indigo

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(read the full description of this product as they cannot be returned or exchanged)
These lovely fluted plates are produced by Marumitsu pottery in Aichi, Japan--home to kilns with the longest production history in Japan. Since 1950, Marumitsu has focused on functional ceramic-wares employing local potters who use both traditional and modern techniques. The potters hand is evident here especially in the application of glazes. All pieces exhibit varying caramel-ish areas along the fluted edges. This intentional 'burnt' detail is completely random. Some pieces have more, some have less. If we have to describe the glaze, it falls between a matte and satin finish.
This Barbarie dinnerware is made of earthenware clay. Plates should be hand-washed and allowed to thoroughly dry between use. Microwave or oven use is not suggested. Please note that earthenware can be more fragile than other types of clay. These plates are not chip-proof or impact-proof and over time, their surfaces will show wear. 
These items cannot be shipped internationally.

size approximates:
small 1"H x 5.75"Ø 
medium 1.25"H x 8"Ø 
large 1.5"H x 9.75"Ø 
construction: earthenware
care: hand-wash only, no microwave, no oven
note: produced in Seto, Aichi, Japan-home to Japan's first glazed pottery

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