Alpaca / Linen Socks


These‭ ‬alpaca/linen socks are knit from twisted yarns of alpaca‭, ‬which has excellent heat retention and moisture absorption properties‭, ‬and linen‭, ‬which dries quickly and is highly durable‭.  ‬The unique, soft feel of alpaca and the crispness of linen combine to provide a comfortable and warm fit. The colors of the alpaca yarn are 100% un-dyed from Peru. With wear, the springy nature of this alpaca/linen blend creates fun puckering.

two size:
M= USW 8-10, USM 7-9
L= USW 10.5-13, USM 9.5-12
content: alpaca 54%, linen 36%、nylon 5%, polyurethane 5%
care: hand wash warm, lay flat to dry or line dry
note: made in Nara, Japan

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