Ayako & Family Plum Jams


Ayako & Family was founded in 2010 by Ayako Gordon in Seattle--collaborating with Japanese-owned Certified Organic farm Mair Farm-Taki in Yakima, Washington to create hybrid and heritage plum jams, some exclusive to the region. Today, the mission of Ayako & Family is carried forth by Ayako's daughter, Alessandra. Their small batches are made entirely by hand, from harvesting to the tightening of the lid, with each step fueled by their ingredient sourcing. We're offering 3 of our favorites here:

Black Pearl Plum: This is a proprietary plum variety boasting a rich fruit flavor, harkening blackberry, with its natural sweetness balanced by its tart, slightly tannic skins.

Shiro Plum: A heritage variety known for its soft honey like nectar and glowing yellow skins. This jam is reminiscent of pear butter, with a lingering flavor of candied lemon and a soft, floral sweetness.

Hemingway Plum: This jam has the texture of a citrus marmalade, with the floral, tart-sweet pithiness of candied grapefruit. The name is a nod to the Hemingway cocktail. 

size: 6oz jar
ingredients: organic plum, organic sugar, natural fruit pectin
note: heritage = any variety of fruit that is known to be in cultivation
before the year 1900

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