Everyday Oil: Warm Feelings


Emma Allen set out to create a daily use oil just for herself.  
She ended up making it for all of us.
Produced from cold-pressed plant oils and steam-distilled essential oils, Everyday Oil is an organic / microbiome friendly, all-over, face and body oil that is moisturizing, healing, and balancing. It's cleansing enough to replace face wash and can be used as a deep conditioner, beard oil, cuticle oil, after-sun, after-surf, after-shave, bath soak, massage oil, or wherever you need.
Warm Feelings features essential oils of Bergamot (FCF), Blood Orange and Patchouli. A blend that will steal your heart; an homage to resilience and self reliance, warm rocks, warm sun, friendship and ripe citrus.

size: 1oz and 8oz. sold separately
active ingredients: oils of coconut, jojoba, olive, castor and argan
note: 100% plant based, synthetic free

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