'Garabou' Organic Cotton Socks: Pink


These organic cotton socks are made of yarn using a unique Japanese spinning method "Garabou", resulting in a rich, hand-spun texture. These can be worn comfortably at home as 'slipper' socks or regularly with shoes. 

Fun fact: This Garabou method was invented in 1877 as a way to mechanically spin Japanese cotton, which has characteristically short fibers. The unevenness and irregularity of the yarn yield not only a comfortable, but breathable material. Crew length. 

small size: USW 5.5-7.5
medium size: USW 8-10, USM 7-9
content: 95% organic cotton, 4% nylon, 1% poly
care: machine wash warm gentle / lay flat or line dry
note: made in Nara, Japan

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