Lite + Cycle Essential Oil Travel Candles


With 100% pure plant and flower oils, Lite + Cycle scents pack an all-natural ( truly all-natural) wallop in these tiny 2oz travel sized candles. The wax is a non-gmo American grown soy wax. The wick is un-bleached cotton. These candle are made WITHOUT paraffin, dyes, lead, phthalates, animal by-products, secret ingredients, or synthetic fragrances or fragrance additives.
Each candle burns for approximately 10 hours. Details on each scent below.

NOTES: Zesty citrus + delicate floral
BLEND: Pure essential oils of Italian bergamot and grapefruit
AROMATHERAPY: Uplifting and energizing

NOTES: Floral
BLEND: Bulgarian rose, Indian Jasmine and Egyptian Neroli
AROMATHERAPY: Balancing, uplifting, and stress reducing

NOTES: Herbaceous + spicy
BLEND: Pure essential oil of Spanish sage
AROMATHERAPY: Cleanses + restores

NOTES: Earthy + warm 
BLEND: Pure essential oil of vetiver with a hint of vanilla.
AROMATHERAPY: Stabilizes, comforts + promotes emotional balance

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