Our Favorite Incense-s


Each day as we open the shop, we light incense. It's our ritual, our getting-ready. Which incense we choose depends upon the time of year and often, our moods. Here are three of our favorites--all natural and plant based. They're sold individually.

Palo Santo
size: one bundle contains 6 sticks. Each stick measures 7.75"
note: hand-rolled incense sticks with a grounding blend of Peruvian Palo Santo wood and Wiracoa resin. the scent is sweet and woody.

size: 2.5 oz / 69 grams ( approx. 40 bricks per box )
note: this is an herbaceous, woody scented incense from New Mexico

Balsam Fir
size: 24 2"sticks + wooden holder
note: pressed balsam straight from the woods of Maine

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