Punk Ikebana


In Punk Ikebana, Louesa Roebuck composes stunning arrangements and installations that unite the cultural traditions and elegance of Japanese perspective with an exhilarating freedom from convention. Working with seasonally foraged, gleaned, and locally sourced flora from various regions of California, she reveals how cinematic floral sculptures can be created by embracing the abundance right outside your door. 

Louesa Roebuck is a multimedia and multigenre creative, floral artist, printmaker, textile designer, and curator. She alignes her deep commitment to the environment with her love of foraging, gleaning, and sourcing regionally.

size: 9.5"wide x 12.75"long, 1.25" thick, 255 pages
content: hardcover/ cloth bound
note: forward by Obi Kaufman, photography by Ian Hughes

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