stoneware candle holder + beeswax tapers


While we often have a variety of tapered candles in the shop, we oddly enough, rarely offer taper 'holders'. The thing is, we so infrequently discover ones that we absolutely love and want to promote.  Well, the tide has shifted and we're really happy to be offering these hand-thrown stoneware holders by Erica Recto. They're hand-made and each has its own character--which will make your tablescape a little more interesting.  And what's more, we really appreciate the slight curve of the base in case there's any wayward wax drippings. Each holder will accommodate a standard taper candle. These are sold individually.

size: 1.25-1.5" high x 3.75-4" diameter
construction: stone-ware with a speckled matte glaze
care: dishwasher safe yet we like to hand-wash
note: this is a limited collection of one-of-a-kind pieces and are considered a final sale

If you're in need of tapers to go with the above-mentioned gems, we offer 100% beeswax tapers that are hand-dipped in Maine. Pure light, clean burning, and mood soothing. These are sold in pairs, separately from the holders above.

size: 9"
content: 100% beeswax
care: always trim wick to 1/4" before burning

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