Tasty Reggae


Bringing this one back because we should.

Uniformly repeating, cheeseburgers, french fries, hotdogs, pretzels, doughnuts and red velvet cakes fill the frame of Kenya Hanley's drawings. In between the mouth-watering food, you will find the faces of Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, Bob Marley and Desmond Dekker. Kenya pairs iconic American foods with his favorite Reggae artists.

Born in 1975, Kenya was raised in a West Indian home in Brooklyn where food and music played a big role in his daily life. In 2005, he became a member of LAND, an art studio and gallery for adults with intellectual disabilities located in Dumbo, Brooklyn. A self-proclaimed “art school gangster,” Kenya hangs out five days a week in the LAND studio happily drawing food and music, the things he loves.

For those interested in art outside of the western canon, this will be a wonderful addition to your collection. Published by our talented colleague Yuki Matsuo, you may also know of her soft sculpture creations under the name Yuki and Daughters.

size: 8.5"wide x 11"long, 112 pages
content: paperback
note: this is awesome and tasty

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