Twin Flame Beeswax Candles


Based on the age-old “Duplero” taper, this handcrafted process involves repeatedly dipping cotton wicks into melted wax, gradually building up each candle, layer by layer. Once the desired width is reached, two hand dipped tapers are carefully hand wound to create one Twin Flame candle. Twin Flames require a candlestick to burn in an upright position. To secure, gently melt the base by fire then hold in place until fixed.

This candle is intended to burn until self-extinguished. Includes two Twin Flame candles. 2-hour burn time, per candle. Hand-dipped in Upstate NY by Alysia Mazzella.

size: 8", sold in pairs and boxed
content: 100% beeswax, cotton wick
care: always trim wick to 1/4" when necessary
note: these will drip while burning

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