Twinkle Porcelain Plate


This lovely plate, aptly named Twinkle, features wavy fluting and delicate handles. We imagine plating up crisp radishes or our favorite bon bons. Of course, it can easily double as a catch-all at your bedside table. 

Produced by Marumitsu pottery in Aichi, Japan—home to kilns with the longest production history in Japan. Since 1950, Marumitsu has focused on functional ceramic-wares employing local potters who use both traditional and modern techniques.

color: gloss bone white
size: 10" L  (handle to handle), 4.5"W at the middle, 5.25"W at the ends, 1"H
construction: porcelain
care: dishwasher safe, microwave safe
note: serve your most special things

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