Zizia Botanical Balms


Zizia is an L.A. based herbal company founded by clinical herbalist and artist Abbe Findley. Their botanicals are sourced from U.S. based small farms, or ethically sourced wherever the plants grow in abundance. Each formula has been expertly researched and is rooted in time-tested traditions and clinical practice. 

Flower Balm: This is a plant-infused salve for your face. A thick, yet breathable flower-packed balm that keeps your skin nourished and rejuvenated, especially during the winter chill. Layer on at night for deep hydration and wake up with smooth velvety skin. Hero ingredients: rose hip seed oil, squalane, helichrysum

All Balm: When your skin is feeling thirsty and dry, this all in one balm can glide you back to deep hydration. It's a lip treatment, under-eye soother, and face moisturizer, but don't stop there. It's really an anywhere and everywhere in between product.
Hero ingredients: chia seed oil, calendula flower extract, marshmallow root extract.

Pet Balm: A high quality and moisturizing pet friendly balm for your furry friends. Packed with protective and soothing all natural botanicals to give your dogs + cats extra moisture and protection to their paws, nose, and coat.
Hero ingredients: myrrh extract, comfrey extract, sunflower oil

size: 0.67 fl.oz. / 120 ml
ingredients: all formulations included a base of organic jojoba oil, organic castor oil, beeswax, and tocopherol.
note: synthetic free, herbalist formulated, cruelty free

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