11 May 2024

Sherry Olsen: Painted Plates, Works on Paper, Sculpture

Sherry Olsen was born in Los Angeles and grew up during the Jimmy Carter ’70s. Her father was a carpenter. Both her mother and grandfather were latent artists who encouraged and championed her art. Rather than going to art school, she traveled in her late teens and throughout her twenties, learning on the road. She picked up printmaking in Hamburg, glass work in Paris, and metalwork in County Kilkenny, Ireland. She eventually settled in Northern California, where she now lives and works.

Her work has been described as that of “a child who knows what they are doing.” She loves Art Brut, folk art, and the art of children. She works across a variety of mediums and thrives on the cross-pollination between them. Her work is widely collected by art lovers around the world.

We first became acquainted with Sherry's work through her surface design collaboration with Fog Linen Work. In 2009, at our shop in Brookline, we showed and sold these printed linen goods alongside Sherry’s other work which included small works on paper and sculpture. It was a wonderful small exhibit. This past February, we made a point of visiting her in Berkeley where we pulled together the idea for a new show. It includes painted plates created for Pod, one-of-a-kind works on paper including mixed media and collage, and sculpture. 

This exhibit will run in-store & online, May 15-31.

*20% of all Sherry Olsen plate sales will be donated to Community Cooks.
Community Cooks is a local organization that connects caring volunteer cooks, the human services sector, businesses, civic groups, schools, and faith-based institutions to form a dynamic, growing community with a common goal: to feed our neighbors in need and increase their ability to thrive.

28 February 2024

Feeling Fresh: Spring 2024

Hellloooooo! We'll be opening back up March 1st. Feeling fresh. Excited to see your faces again. The dog treat pouch is primed. We've added, subtracted, and moved things around. There's a jasmine plant in full bloom. It's heavenly. Oh! On opening day, we'll have fresh mixed bouquets for sale from Whimsy Floral Studio so....
Shop hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10a-5p

As always, thanks for playing.


22 January 2024

Bricks and Mortar Will Be Closed in February

We've done this several times in the past, the closing in February. It sounds romantic, doesn't it? In a way, it is.

When we close, we don't stop. But, there is a sort of wrench that gets thrown into the hamster wheel. Shutting the front door to walk-in's disrupts our brains and bodies in the best kind of way. We empty the shop, we clean and do paint touch-ups. Lots of days, we don't go to the shop. Somedays we move furniture around. Somedays we sit in the middle of the clean floor and eat a longer lunch and have numerous "what if we did x,y, and z?” conversations and brainstorms, ways of doing things get reviewed/ recalibrated, new product stories are planned--all while we maintain our other online businesses. The wheel doesn't stop. It slows. And, February in New England is the perfect time to slow the wheel.  

Our last in-shop day will be January 31st and we will reopen on March 1st. Pod's online shop will remain open. Local pickup will be paused during our break.

In the meantime, we sincerely hope you make the time to slow your own hamster wheel. Trust us. It's worth it. 

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*background image is a close up of an Arthur Dove painting that hangs at the Harvard Museums.