08 June 2015

Last day of school Ice Cream Social: Thursday, June 25th

Thursday, June 25th is the, whew.. official last day of school. You see, in case you don't live nearby, our shop is situated right across the street from the Baldwin Elementary School and playground. Our brutal winter has these kids locked and loaded until the end of the month. What better way to break free than with a good old fashioned ice cream social. Come one, and all, we are thrilled to be hosting honeycomb creamery as they begin to launch their delicious small batch ice cream biz right outta Somerville, MA. Seriously tasty flavors will be scooped into cones and cups. Wildly excited last-day-of-school kids, relieved parents, and sprinkles will be on hand. Two hours of scooping 2:45-4:45pm. Bring your wallet--pints for sale too. Oh yeah, tossed into the flavor mix will be a gorgeous sorbet.