21 February 2019

BreadBoard Bakery Pop-Up: Saturday March 2nd: 10a-2p

We're re-opening the shop on Tuesday, March 5th, but before we do and while the  shelves are bare and sheer empty makes us feel that anything is possible, we've decided to turn it into a bakery for 4 hours!

Please join us on Saturday, March 2nd as welcome our friend, the amazing baker Daisy Chow of Breadboard Bakery. From 10a-2p, Daisy will be selling her famous breads (sourdough, rugbrod), kolaches, cinnamon rolls, croissants, and..... Just come over and see. What is a kolache anyway? Find out here.
And, if you're itching to shop some more, we'll have a select group of our kitchen and bakery themed merchandise available. Some fun Spring socks too!

Ahhhhh...the scent of fresh baked pastry and bread. What better way to wake up from hibernation. Just ask Grinder and Coola.