05 February 2020

Chocolats et Vin: Thursday Feb. 13th, 5-7p

Friends! Neighbors! It's going to be a chocolate and wine kind of evening at Pod on Thursday February 13th, 5-7p. We're excited to bring back Kim Park of The Wine and Cheese Cask for a Winter red tasting. So lovely and supremely knowledgable, Kim will be bringing over a few of her favorites this season and she'll be sure to let you know why. There will be a 10% discount extended on any bottles pre-ordered at this event. THEN, if she's not already on your radar, we'd love to introduce you to Alexandra Whisnant of gâté comme des filles. For the last seven years, Alexandra has been making her divine, hand-made chocolate bonbons in Paris, San Francisco, and now right next door in Somerville. People, I don't know if you fully realize just how lucky you are. Come and meet Alexandra. She'll be offering a tasting and, boxes of these freshly-made tiny wonders on hand for sale. Valentines, Galentines, Palentines, Shmalentines--call it what you will.  We'll call it a good time and hope you can swing by.