18 May 2022

Correll Correll Pop-In: May 19-21

Daphne and Vera Correll are twin sisters who share a love for textiles, shapes, and colors. Their fashion collective Correll Correll focuses on experimenting and inventing new processes to make sustainably produced textiles and garments. Their designs are the result of their lifelong shared play with circles, squares, and triangles and the reinterpreting of traditional forms of craft. At the core of their enterprise, is the drive to redefine the relationship between maker, designer, and wearer. 

Founded in 2005, they have textile studios based in New York and Berlin. Their entire collection is exclusively made in their own workshop or in collaboration with other New York City based manufacturers. They are using organic and recycled materials  with an experimental approach to traditional forms of production. 

We asked how their separate, foundational practices inform the designs for Correll Correll.

Daphne: "I studied photography and design during my studies focused on the representation of architecture. My approach has always been interdisciplinary. Combining structures, surfaces, colors, and shapes--balancing functionality and form and placing it in a contemporary context is where I like to put all my focus on."

Vera: "My educational background is in Art and interdisciplinary design, I received My BFA at the Art institute of Chicago with a focus on fiber and material studies and photography. Prior to that, I studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in the Netherlands, in their very conceptual fashion and textiles department. I find that this influences how I approach sustainable strategies in fashion systems and materials innovation for Correll Correll."

For three days--May 19-21, or while goods remain, we are excited to host an edited collection of tees and kids-wear by these two talented women. For a while now, we've admired their work and couldn't be more thrilled that they've agreed to indulge us. You can learn more about Correll Correll here.

10% of all in-shop sales over this three day period will be donated to the Center for Reproductive Rights  We hope you'll come though. X,J