March 23, 2020 Update: We will be limiting our shipping days to Tuesdays and Fridays now through April 7th.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

After much consideration for the safety of our staff and that of our community, we have decided to close our bricks and mortar shop until further notice. Our online shops, Pod and Shop Fog Linen will continue to operate.

Having run this business through the tragedy of 9/11 and the financial crisis of 2008, my observation is  that during a time like this, a shop like ours provides a moment of peaceful escape, a respite from anxious thinking, and simply, an opportunity to engage in 'normal' activities. Familiarity of place, voice, and even shop 'smell'-- it can be a tiny, calming antidote. Aside from the financial ramifications that this decision will surely bring, it is the interruption of this very un-defined emotional service that I find most troubling. In good conscious though, I cannot encourage my employees or our faithful clients to gather at Pod right now. The shop is so sanitized and sparkling with wonderful new items for Spring that we're eager to share with you, but for today, social distancing is the name of the game. We all need to hop on board.

Because we are still running our online venues, I will be at the shop perioidically. If there's something you need (like soap-it works!), email:, or DM us via Instagram. We'll figure it out. We can ship and local deliveries are possible too. Thank you for your understanding and stay healthy!
All of us look forward to seeing you on the other side. 

With gratitude,
Julie Baine