20 February 2020

CulteDesign + High Handing Mending Co at Pod: Saturday, Feb. 29th, 11a-5p

We've got a super duet lined up for you Saturday, Feb. 29th. Eve Belfer-Ahern from CulteDesign will be here with a very tight collection of vintage clothing and accessories selected just for Pod. And, you know her from our Manimal Moccasins, and embroidery pop-up's--Kristen Lombardi of High Hand Mending Co. Bring your mends! Kristen will be taking jobs and needling away on-site all-day.

How long have you been doing CulteDesign? 
Since I got let go from Mohr & McPherson in Dec.2017. I started the very next day at SoWa! It was too easy a transition as I've been a lifelong collector and fashion fan. Now I'm at the SoWa Vintage Market every Sunday 10a-4:30p year-round and on First Fridays ( the gallery focused tradition in the South End). 
You're the front-woman for Fur Purse. Can you tell us about that?
Yes! I'm vocal, keys, and sax. It's my first band but the drummer and guitarist are lifelong players. We all met up during the early days of Girls Rock Campaign and then at Boston Ladies Rock Camp where I conquered my fear of creating music. I guess we often get compared to post-punk-art-rock bands. We do what we want. I'll also be singing with a new band BICKER.
Boston Native?
Yes! Cambridge, Somerville, and Brookline through high-school, then 20 years in Jamaica Plain. 
Any era of vintage that you're really vibing with lately?
Oh geeze, I have too much to say. I've been buying and working in vintage since high school. Right now, I'm finding great 80's and 90's and military that have a very modern feel. I love proportions, silhouettes, and fabrics. A detail that makes something special, cuts that evoke a passion for design and ease of wear. And, I will always love anything with a rock 'n roll or avant-garde vibe.
What can we look forward to at Pod on Sunday?
It will be a tightly curated selection of military. Military is amazing because of the quality of the fabric, construction, and it's always in style and unisex! Also a Spring collection of fun prints and florals in easy silhouettes and fabrics. I tried to channel all the reasons I love Pod when I was pulling from my collection. Hopefully it will come across.

You're the creative force at Manimal Moccasins, how did HHM Co. develop from this?
The idea of High Hand Mending Co. really feels like it predates Manimal. I was always a sewer, designer, lover of vintage--first, second, and third. Leather working feels like a happy detour.
New Englander?
I'm from a small town in Rhode Island--brought up in my mama's sewing room arguing with her about how to sew seams. She is seamstress with here own business and my first ( and current) teacher. As a teenager, she also lovingly drove me to vintage clothing warehouses in Providence and to Hubba Hubba for studs and spikes to bedazzle the backpack I carried at my all-girls Catholic High School.
Where has your needle and thread landed you?
My first job out of college was at a vintage clothing shop on Newbury St. and Harvard Square where I repaired some clothing to be sold and I re-worked other items into new ideas and pieces. I've worked on product development and tailoring for Bode, Converse, Levi's Lot 1, Levi's Vintage Clothing, Puma, and individual clients. Presently, I'm also teaching courses at Mass College of Art & Design ( my alma mater) in Creative Fashion and Accessory Design. 
Any particular vintage era you are gah-gah for?
Love to my bones vintage in general-all eras. I particularly love to see how production methods and styles change over time from 'hand-made' to more mechanized processes. During my time at Levi's, I really got to explore and dig into my love for vintage clothing in a more technical way. I love to observe production practices by deconstructing vintage garments and I have always believed that investing in things you love is meaningful and important.
What types of mending work can folks bring to you on the 29th?
All mends are welcome. Collar turning, sleeve tears, moth holes, denim rips and worn-outs. Bring out your mends!