20 September 2023

Pod is 25!

Last week, Pod turned 25.
Yes, a whole quarter of a century has gone by and we blame YOU. You encouraged. You brought your dogs when ours had passed. You tried something new--repeatedly. You supported the causes. You purchased what you could during more than one recession. You dragged in your out-of-town friends. You stood in line outside during a nationwide pandemic. You made this shop your "third space". You hitched your wagon to our runaway train and put your trays in their upright position as we took off and crash landed into your hearts. How dare you. Thank you. We'll never forgive you. 
Join us Friday, 9/22 and enjoy 25% off your purchase. For our friends further afield, use code WOW25 online. That day, shop hours will be 12-7p. From 5-7p we'll be serving up bubbly beverages. We hope you'll be there. We'd love to raise a glass to you. And humbly, Thank you. X, J