16 July 2018

Summer Sale is On

--much adored retail colleague who will go un-named--

SALE.  It's a word that evokes many things. It may mean the opportunity to purchase a coveted item that didn't fit into the budget at an earlier time. It sometimes signals a jump-start on holiday shopping. And to some, YAHOOO! Just one more reason to shop, shop, and treat yourself or a friend. Whatever the reason is, there are usually a lot of smiles at our sale and that's just fine by us. 

For a shopkeeper though, a sale is always a welcomed way to clean house and mentally prepare for what our next presentation or direction will be. It also allows for the humbling opportunity to acknowledge that the 'oh people are going to love this...' item wasn't such a great idea after-all and... it needs to move along. They can't all be winners and in this way, shopkeeping is a whole lot like gambling. Except, we get to experience daylight and there's a lot less smoking involved.

Here on our site, we're highlighting a few items that are on sale this Summer. There's plenty more in our shop and we hope you'll come by to poke around. The discounts are deep and we're aiming to wrap this up fairly quickly. Don't delay.

Online Sale Begins Tuesday July 17th.
In-Store Sale Begins Wednesday July 18th and will end Saturday July 21st.