23 March 2017

Write On! Make Some Happy! Sunday April 2, 2-5p

In 2014, Tess Darrow noticed she was not handwriting letters despite being the founder of a greeting card company, Egg Press. Tess challenged herself to embark on a month of writing letters by hand - one per day for the month of April - in what has grow into an annual campaign called Write_On. 

Write_On now serves as a yearly reminder for people around the world to put pencil to paper and connect. It's even been incorporated into curricula to teach children about slowing down, reflecting, and connecting through handwritten letters.  

In the spirit of expressing and making happy, come join us at Pod on Sunday, April 2nd from 2p-5p to write, make cards, and get your message out. Whether you want to connect with a long-lost friend or spend some time writing mindfully, make this your label-free experience. There's no cost, and there will be supplies for makin' and pastin'. We'll provide two stamps per person, and there's a postal box across the street so you can make 'n' mail. 

We suspect it's these efforts to connect and reconnect that play a big role in creating good. We can't wait to see you. Don't forget your pencil cushion! 

*If you're stumped about why and who to write to, here is a fantastic list for inspiration.