Kahina x Ulili Candle: Taroudant


Kahina Giving Beauty and Ulili Moroccan Scents join forces to create a candle inspired by the city of Taroudant, at the base of the Anti-Atlas Mountains of Southern Morocco. It features a refreshing base of Neroli, an aromatic orange flower, with notes of Laurel, Basil and Rosemary. For those of you into aromatherapy, this is an EO powerhouse promoting clarity and groundedness. The wax is a blend of vegetable wax and beeswax which is harvested in southern Morocco. Clean burning and synthetic free.

These candles are housed in handmade, hand-glazed ceramic vessels. Imperfections can occur and are part of their beauty. 

size: 200g / 7 oz
clay vessel size: 3.5"H 
recycled paper box size: 4"H x 3.5"W
ingredients: vegetable & beeswax, essential oils, cotton wick
note: burn time 40 hours

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