Niwaki Forged Garden Snips


Carbon steel snips for flowers, fruit, veg & lighter pruning.
Not as tough as secateurs, by a long shot, but they’ll handle light woody cuts and are fab for detailed pruning and thinning, as well as Japanese pine pruning work. Suggested maximum cut: Ø5m. Rubber coated handles for great grip and a handy nylon loop to secure when not in use. 

Carbon steel blades may, through regular use, stain (and eventually rust) and gradually lose their edge. These tools demand more attention and care compared to stainless steel counterparts. Regular cleaning, drying, and occasional oiling/sharpening are necessary steps to prevent rust and maintain their longevity. Despite the extra maintenance, many gardeners prefer carbon steel tools for their unmatched strength and performance.

size: overall 175 x 44 x 15mm, 48mm blades
construction: S58C carbon steel with rubber coated handles
care: see above
note:  Made in Sanjo, Japan

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