Niwaki Mainichi Kitchen Scissors


Think of these as the kitchen equivalent of the Swiss army knife. ‘Mainichi’ means everyday, which is an accurate estimate of how often you’ll find cause to use them.
Besides the obvious scissor function (aided by very finely serrated stainless steel blades), they come equipped with a bottle opener, a nutcracker (also useful on lobster and crab shells), and a lid opener (suitable for the Golden Syrup/paint type of tin).

When they’re coated in walnut, paint, syrup, bacon etc. you can separate the blades, which makes them easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. Oh, and they’re yellow, which will help you find them amidst the chaos of your cutlery drawer. 

size: overall 216 x 90 x 10mm, blade length 65mm
construction: stainless steel blades, plastic handles
care: dishwasher safe
note:  Made in Japan. Not to be used on bones or frozen foods

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