Wonder Valley: Hair Care


Wonder Valley launches this effective hair care that is gentle enough for daily use, but intended to help you go longer between washes. Also packaged in a recyclable aluminum bottle with a handy pump. Both shampoo and conditioner are formulated with the heavenly combination of sandalwood, yuzu, tangerine, and cedar.

Shampoo: This balancing and detoxifying shampoo gently removes product build-up and excess oil for visibly healthier, more lustrous hair. A silky, viscous wash that works into a lightweight lather- a little goes a long way. Best for all hair types. 

Conditioner: Lightweight yet deeply nourishing, this fortifying formula conditions without weighing hair down, reducing breakage and revealing a healthy shine. Lightweight enough to be used with each wash or as needed. Best for all hair types.

Wonder Valley produces an extraordinary extra virgin California olive oil, which elevates every meal through its bright, herbaceous, peppery flavor. Their olive oil is also used as a hero ingredient in their unisex skincare collection. Wonder Valley believes in the holistic power of olive oil as a universal life-enriching ingredient, a cornerstone of a healthful diet, and the key to radiant skin.

size: 300 ml  / 10.1 fl. oz.
note: vegan, without parabens, phthalates, sulfates,
artifical dye or fragrance

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