Towpath: Recipes & Stories


Walk along the Regent's Canal in East London in winter and you will pass four shuttered kiosks, adorned with large, painted coots. As March arrives, the shutters open to reveal Towpath, a beloved waterside eatery that has no website, no phone, no takeaway, and no social media feed. The plates are wonderfully mis-matched, there's generally a queue, and you'll hope the Turkish Eggs appear on the menu that day. Towpath is a gift.

This book is a collection of recipes, stories and photographs capturing the vibrant cafe’s food, community and place throughout the arc of its season—beginning just before the first breath of spring, through the dog days of summer and culminating—with fireworks!—before its painted shutters are rolled down again for winter. 

size: 10"L x 7" W, 288 pages
content: hardcover
note: you'll be booking a flight to the UK before you know it

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